Reach New Heights with Handy reach!
  • Eliminates the need for bulky step stools or ladders to reach ceiling fan cords or pull down attic stair cords that are out of reach

  • Helps to hide those unsightly hanging pull down chains, ropes, or cords

  • Ease of use requires no squeezing or pinching - ideal for those with gripping limitations

  • Allows for Better grasp on cords and increased leverage by utilizing a full hand grip (not just a small ball at the end of a cord or the cord itself

 Handy Reach is an innovative new tool to help you reach ceiling fan chain pulls and pull down attic stairs

made in america!

  • Utilizes Three slotted hooks to Allow for users of different heights - anyone can use it

  • Functions for almost all ceiling Fan or pull down attic stair cord Elevations

  • GREAT for cords that no longer have the plastic ball/bell at the end

  • ​Reduces Risk of injury from wrapping the cord around the hand (and ladies can STOP damaging those beautiful nails!​
  • Prevents the slamming of the attic stair when closing it

  •  includes a velcro strip for easy storage behind a door or in a closet

  • ​Very light weight and simple to use

  • Requires no modification to existing chains or cords or installation of parts to existing attic access doors

Patent Pending

Handy Reach
Beech Island, SC US
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