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Recognizing A Problem

As a licensed contractor, I often see places around the home where improvements need to happen. Sometimes these improvements are costly and take time, but sometimes the quick fix hits you right in head, literally! 

One day I realized I was always dodging those annoying attic cords! You know, the ones that hang down just far enough to be in the way or just short enough that you can’t reach them without standing on something. How many times have you grabbed that cord and had to deal with cord burn, broken nails, or scrapes from those little plastic holders on the ends, or worse yet, fall from the stool or chair you are standing on reaching? That's why I created Handy Reach! With this light weight, easy to use, full grip handle you can open and gently close your attic without the danger and slamming that happens with that cord! Handy Reach stores quickly with a small velcro strip - out of site and yet easy to grab from inside the closet or back of a door. Perfect for anyone with gripping problems! Plus, use it on ceiling fans, lights or anything that’s just out of reach.